Wildlife in Pinkerton Forest

Pinkerton Landcare & Environment Group

Appendix: Wildlife in Pinkerton Forest 2018

A series of photos were taken by a trail camera at the two water troughs placed in Pinkerton Forest (beside the Green Shed & in Upper Pinkerton) as well as beside the Pinkerton Link / Mulla Mulla gate giving us an insight as to what happens in Pinkerton in our absence! We have also had a glimpse into night time activities in Pinkerton. The water troughs appear to be a focus of activity, both day and night. The trough beside the Green Shed especially is a focus of activity for a variety of local wildlife (native and non-native). A dramatic incident recorded a Fox in pursuit of a Possum beside the water trough. Fortunately both the possum and its young were photographed the following night so they both survived the chase!

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Grazing in Pinkerton Forest in August

sheep grazing in PinkertonForest th

In August a few hundred sheep were placed in both Pinkerton & Upper Pinkerton to graze the exotic annual grasses as these had grown quickly during the recent rains. They were also placed in Pinkerton Link, but in the northern & southern paddocks only to avoid damaging the young Grey Box trees planted by Melton Secondary College over the last two years. 

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Weeding in Pinkerton Forest

Irene weeding in PinkertonForestOn Thursday 25th July Irene & Daryl visited Pinkerton Forest to mattock out Boxthorns.  Boxthorns in Pinkerton have been effectively eradicated over the years but unfortunately they keep re-appearing as seeds are constantly being dropped by birds and foxes, usually under trees.

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Pinkerton Forest Story

We have uploaded a Pinkerton Forest document which was placed in the Time Capsule that was opened on 2017 then re-interred in Pinkerton Forest, in USB form and which won't be opened for 50 years.

This is a detailed summary of our activities over the years in Pinkerton Forest.

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Weeding at Pinkerton Homestead

pinkerton homestead 20mar2016 thWeeding at Pinkerton Homestead

20th March 2016

On Sunday 20th March Frances, Irene, Simon, Glen and Daryl of PLEG began work at the site of the old Pinkerton homestead beside the Werribee River.

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